Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Volunteers/Interns needed for Artifact

Hello all.

As Artifact continues growing and expanding, it has become quite apparent to some that I cannot handle as much of the work as I have been taking on. Most of the responsibilities do not take up that much time in themselves, but together, they are a lot. The things we need done are basic and would not need much, if any, training. For example: I would love if someone would post announcements to this blog, or take on the mailing list (which is really just sending out the emails). It would be lovely if someone would volunteer to hit TJs & pick up the wine & fruit for sangria, & if one or two people would come over at 7pm & help us set up the space.

In terms of the press, there is a lot to be done. Before I begin a call for submissions for the next chapbook, I would need a few other people to help with getting Sara Larsen's Doubly Circulatory out there. We also have 32 books that need to be handsewn, if anyone would like to join us for an evening of doing just that! Early next year, I will need help processing submissions and then getting the new manuscript ready, working on lay-out, proofreading, production, etc. There's a lot to be done & a lot to learn. It really is a great opportunity for someone interested in small press publishing.

Chana is working on grants and getting us funding, and I'm sure she could use an extra pair of hands to do some research & application work, etc.
As I've said before, we would like to bring an educational component to Artifact, conducting workshops by writers and artists on innovative writing & its processes, collaboration, small press publishing, etc. The only way we will be able to do this is through grants & the help & cooperation of our community--which includes you, as well. We would like to begin transitioning Artifact into a community organization with regular meetings, etc. If you are interested in becoming a part of this, please contact Melissa at, Chana at, artifact at or call 415-647-7689. Thanks & see you saturday!