Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Yipes: 9/17 : Reddin : Apps : Nath

7 pm
Sunday 9/17
at 21 GRAND
416 25th St @ B'way
6 blocks north of 19th St BART
Oakland, CA
where for lack of $4
none will be turned away

Brought to you by Ugly Duckling Presse:

Elizabeth Reddin is a recorded talking thoughts performer who lives in Brooklyn,
New York City. She also plays music in a story band called LEGENDS. She
teaches math and reading classes to adults who are working on getting their GED.
Her record label, Deerhead Records, will soon be releasing, with the help of UDP
and the universe, a live recording of Midwinter Day by Bernadette Mayer.

Stan Apps is a poet and essayist from Los Angeles. His chapbook Soft Hands
was published by Ugly Duckling Presse and is now sold out. Upcoming books
include a full-length collection, Info Ration, from Make Now Press, and a chapbook,
Princess of the World in Love, from Cy Press. Stan's writing has appeared in
Combo, PomPom, Greeting, Mirage/Periodical, New York Nights and elsewhere.
Stan co-organizes the Last Sunday of the Month reading series at the Smell, and
co-edits, with Mathew Timmons, a fledging chapbook press called Insert Press.
Stan posts essays and provisional thoughts at his blog Refried Oracle Phone at .

Kirthi Nath, a South Asian American artist, explores issues of identity, memory,
and desire in a body of work that speechlessly widens gestures of love. On 9/17
she screens "Letting Go" (shot on location in San Francisco and Torrance) and
"Come On, Big Empty" (made in collaboration with Amanda Davidson). Her films
have shown in several festivals and events including the Moondance International
Women's Festival, the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival, Ladyfest
(Olympia, Scotland, Bay Area and Texas), and a solo show at The Yerba Buena
Center for the Arts. Her writing has appeared in Interlope, Berkeley Poetry Review,
and 30 ft. Honey Slick. Nath completed her MFA in Visual Arts at UC San Diego
and currently lives in San Francisco where she teaches video production and
distribution to youth at the Bay Area Video Coalition. She also has an intense
passion for ladybugs and swimming.


October 29: Stacy Doris, Tyrone Williams, and video by Karla Milosevich

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Lab: Poetry Marathon: 8/12

The LAB presents

The 2006 Bay Area Summer Poetry Marathon

Saturday, August 12, 7-10 PM
$3-$15 sliding scale admission

This event takes place at The LAB, 2948 16th Street @ Capp, San Francisco

From its inception during the summer of 2000, the Boston Poetry Marathon developed a national reputation among experimental poets. An annual weekend-long event, it featured approximately 40 readers (poets primarily but also artists from mixed genres). Everyone, from the distinguished poetic elder to the excited emerging poet, read for 20 minutes each. Boston Marathon readers included Charles Bernstein, Anselm Berrigan, Frank Bidart, Maxine Chernoff, Norma Cole, Robert Creeley, Forrest Gander, Paul Hoover, Fanny Howe, Laura Mullen, Jena Osman, Maureen Owen, Heather Ramsdell, David Shapiro, Tom Sleigh, Juliana Spahr, Cole Swensen, Anne Waldman, John Yau, and many others. When co-founders/co-curators Donna de la Perriere and Joseph Lease moved to the Bay Area in 2003, they moved the Poetry Marathon to San Francisco. A tremendous success, the 2004 and 2005 Bay Area Summer Poetry Marathons took place as four day-long events at The LAB. Each Saturday event featured over 15 readers.

This year, poets from across the U.S. and the Bay Area join together again to celebrate innovative poetry in a series of readings throughout the summer at The LAB. The 2006 Marathon will include established and emerging poets such as Dodie Bellamy, Taylor Brady, Lee Ann Brown, Maxine Chernoff, Diane DiPrima, Edward Foster, Graham Foust, Kathleen Fraser, Gloria Frym, Brenda Hillman, D.A. Powell, Elizabeth Robinson, Truong Tran, and many more.

August 12 readers include:

Julian T. Brolaski
Anna Eyre
Edward Foster
Gloria Frym
Brenda Hillman
D.A. Powell
Elizabeth Robinson

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Canessa Park Reading 8-13-06

Canessa Park Reading Series
708 Montgomery Street @ Columbus
San Francisco, CA
Sunday, August 13, 2006
Time 3 pm.

Come and join us for the triple threat - reading and
book release for Instance Press, Etherdome, and
Woodland Editions:

Beverly Dahlen (Instance Press)

Susanne Dyckman (EtherDome)
Kate Greenstreet (EtherDome)

Todd Melicker (Woodland Editions)
Brian Teare (Woodland Editions)

Books will be on sale so plan accordingly. This will
be another Canessa Park Event not to be missed...

Robert Duncan said of Beverly Dahlen, "The psychic
life she draws in writing may be drawn from her own
psychic life, but here its body is the text and it
speaks to the psyche of the reader as a reader."
Dahlen is the author of The Egyptian Poems (Hipparchia
Press), Out of the Third (Momo's Press) and 5 volumes
of A Reading, published variously by Momo's Press,
Chax Press, Potes and Poets, and Instance Press. A
native of Oregon, she has lived and worked in San
Francisco for many years.

Susanne Dyckman lives in Albany, CA, where she hosts a
summer backyard reading series. She is the author of
two chapbooks, Transiting Indigo (Etherdome Press) and
Counterweight (Woodland Editions). Her work has most
recently appeared or is forthcoming in the journals
26, Marginalia and First Intensity. A volume of
poetry, equilibrium' s form, will be published by
Shearsman Books, UK, in 2007.

Kate Greenstreet�s chapbook, Learning the Language,
was published by Etherdome Press in 2005. Her first
full-length book, case sensitive, will be out from
Ahsahta Press in September 2006. Visit her online at

Todd Melicker is a graduate of the MFA in Writing
Program at the University of San Francisco. His work
has appeared or will appear in Five Fingers Review,
Volt,/ 26/, and /Colorado Review/. He lives in
Santa Rosa, Ca.

The recipient of Stegner, National Endowment for the
Arts, and MacDowell Colony poetry fellowships, Brian
Teare has published poetry in Ploughshares, Boston
Review, Provincetown Arts, VOLT, Verse and The
Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative Poetry, among
other publications. His first book, The Room Where I
Was Born, was winner of the 2003 Brittingham Prize and
the 2004 Triangle Award for Gay Poetry. Author of the
recent chapbooks, Pilgrim and Transcendental Grammar
Crown, he lives in Oakland, CA and is on the graduate
writing faculties of the New College of California and
California College of the Arts

Hope to see you there,
Avery Burns
Literary Director
Canessa Park Reading Series
(20 years young)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

8/20 New Yipes: Hospodar/Staiti w. films by Enid

at 21 GRAND
416 Twenty-fifth Street
(corner Broadway)
Oakland, California
August 20 | 7 pm | $4 sugg.

YURI HOSPODAR was born in southeast Pennsylvania. He fled as
early as he could to Boston, and continued fleeing to such places
as San Luis Obispo County (gods' country), San Francisco, Prague,
back to SF, back to Boston, and then to San Francisco yet again.
Australia is quite possibly next on the list as his partner is a MARSUPIAL.
His writing has been published in a small book entitled "To You In Your
Closets" (ca. 1990), as well as some delightful anthologies and a magazine
here and there, and has not been published in many, many other places.

ERIKA STAITI grew up on Long Island and then spent four years in
Binghamton NY. Then she drove to the Pacific Northwest to work and
live somewhere nice. Last year she moved to Oakland to do MFA things
at Mills College. When she visits New York she likes to advocate for the
Bay Area. Someday she may go back or maybe she'll just stay here.

SARAH ENID's are in heavy rotation at the Edinburgh Film Castle
(, with recent showings at
SF Cinematheque and the Silver Lake Film Festival.


Sept. 17: Ugly Duckling presents ELIZABETH REDDIN and STAN APPS


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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

ARTIFACT : 8 . 5 . 06


SATURDAY, 8.5.06


Juliana Spahr
Christopher Nealon


Servando Garcia
Manuel Perez
Sandra Miller
Ben Doyle
Joshua Beckman
Megan Breiseth
Scott Inguito


Scott Inguito

2921B FOLSOM ST. @ 25TH
SF CA 94110