Friday, September 23, 2005

here's yr chance to give us mad props

artifact is in the middle of applying for grants & things in hopes of one day being capable of 1) paying our readers a little something (other than booze), 2) putting out more books, including a lovely review of all our past readers, and maybe an anthology of critical writing, 3) unveiling our master plan of creating workshops where innovative writers teach poetry, fiction, hybrid, collaboration, etc. to teenagers (thus opening up the spoken word only education they primarily get when it comes to contemporary poetry & literary outreach programs), also fulfilling kathleen miller's dream of teaching gertrude stein to 7th graders.

so what we would like from you, dear readers and audience members, are quotes, blurbs, shout-outs, what-have-you, on what you think makes artifact different from other reading series. what, in your humble opinion, is valuable about it. we're thinking, dialogue, community, etc. as marginalized artists inside the literary world of ted kooser and open mics. please feel free to leave quotable comments here or send them to

thank you much & see you on october 8th.