Monday, August 27, 2007

Naropaens Unite!

Here is the latest missive from my Naropa alum, Jim Goar, who publishes Catfish Press. He has published 2 books by other Naropa alums, Richard Froude and Matthew Langley, both very talented writers.

Buy their books! Now! Thank you!

Dear Friends,

Know you have been waiting and waiting. Well, the
waiting is over. Catfish Press has made two books, The
Margaret Thatcher Trilogy by Richard Froude & Letters
Toward Jim by Matthew Langley. Stacy Dacheux & Allan
McLeod provided the lovely art for the books. Both
books can be purchased from the Catfish Press website
( with
PayPal. Both books are better than a cold Budweiser…
even better than drinking a cold Bud while floating in
a lake in one of those floaty chairs. Trust me. Also
on the site is our new Catfish jingle. It was written
by Pirooz Kalayeh and Jim Goar and performed by Pirooz
Kalayeh and The Slipshod Swingers. All in all, just

Friday, August 24, 2007

SUNDAY | Stephen Beachy | Lara Durback | Martha XIV | 8/26

This Sunday August 26
at 21 GRAND
416 25th Street
Oakland, California
6 blocks from the 19th St BART station
7 pm | $5 or fewer

STEPHEN BEACHY is the author of the novels The Whistling Song and Distortion.
His latest book consists of two novellas, Some Phantom and No Time Flat,
just out from Suspect Thoughts. He is currently finishing up a book
of essays entitled Dreams of Terror and Abuse and working on another
novel, Now That I'm Dead by Kathy Acker, among various other ephemeral

LARA DURBACK is an artist/poet working with text, letterpress printing, sound
(analog synthesizers and field recording), as well as the book form
and any other medium that can be combined and smashed together.
Currently contemplating humans awash in electromagnetic fields: both
those from the earth and those emitted by powerlines and electronic
devices, and how difficult it is to match a field to a source. Vectors
and concentric circles constantly going in and out...

MARTHAXIV grew out of mud and creeks and still feels very tied to them
despite her current urban existance. at present she is working on the
video and sound for a puppet show she is developing in collaboration with
her brother and a friend entitled, "between dog and wolf." marthaxiv
hopes to adopt a dog/wolf of her own in the near future.

* * * *

Sept. 16: Anselm Berrigan & Catherine Meng, w/ video by Craig Goodman

Oct. 21: Dolores Dorantes & Demosthenes Agrafiotis, w/ video by Katie Edmonds

As foretold at

"The Persians" in Presidio--LOCATION CHANGE

from the nonsite collectives website:

Ah, the fate of guerrilla theater!

Since we initially scouted the site, construction has begun at the Presidio bunkers, making them unreachable to the public!!!

However, there is a more easily accessible public space at the Army Education Center across the way that should also make for good

Directions are the same: The easiest parking is in the huge unpaved lot just before Fort Winston Scott. The lot is on your right hand side, about 1/3 mile after you turn right off of Kobbe onto Lincoln Blvd.

Then, rather than going west towards the Coastal Trail, head east across the giant army quad at Ralston Ave.

There will be signs (and ushers) directing you, so you won’t miss it. Watch for the first sign just after the turn at Kobbe.

It is possible to get a glimpse of the bunkers from the Coastal Trail detour. We will try to get some information about their fate to share with you at the performance.

"The Persians"--Performance event in the Presidio, Aug. 26th




Dear Friends,

Come see military civilizations collide!, in a special production of

Brandon Brown's "The Persians by Aeschylus"

Brandon's text is a literal translation of "The Persians" by
Aeschylus, which has been adapted for a site-specific performance in
San Francisco's Presidio, at the bunkers near the Golden Gate Bridge.


For an artist statement by Brandon Brown on his translation, please
see the PAGES section of the Nonsite Collective website (click on
"Curriculum Resources") at:

For info on Aeschylus' play, please see:

For info on a "literal translation," please see:

For a (standard) translation by Robert Potter of Aeschylus' "The
Persians," please see:

For info on the Presidio and its history, please see:

For info on Executive Order 9066 (authorizing the internment of
Japanese Americans in concentration camps, signed at the Presidio):

If you would like to share information you have found about the
Presidio's past/present/future, or to share any other potential
resources related to this performance, please send a link or document


The cast for this special performance will include: John Sakkis,
Cynthia Sailers, Suzanne Stein, Dan Fisher, Taylor Brady, Tanya
Hollis, Lauren Shufran, and Brent Cunningham.

We suggest you bring along a blanket and a cold beer for a hopefully
not-so-cold afternoon.

The performance will begin at 2pm. Rides to BART will be available
afterwards, so that we all can catch the New Yipes event at 21 Grand
in Oakland at 7pm, featuring novelist Steven Beachy and poet Lara
Durback, with films by Martha XIV.

For more info, please see:


For a map of the Presidio, please go to:

There is a "Printable Park Map" pdf there; when printing, choose
"crop" in order to get a larger image of the northwest corner of the
map. This will give you an image that encompasses the Arguello St.
entrance as well.

The bunker, called "Battery Marcus Miller," is located at the very
northwest (top left) corner of the map, about an inch below the Golden
Gate Bridge
. It should be easy to find on the map-image because it
has a very distinct shape: it has two small semi-circles bulging out
at the left (towards the west).

The bunker is also located right on the Coastal Trail, about .1 miles
from the Golden Gate Bridge. There are spectacular views of the
bridge here—almost like optical illusions.

For a re-scanned map of the Presidio with the bunker circled, please
see the PAGES section of the Nonsite Collective Website (click on
"Curriculum Resources") at:


We hope to see you all there!!

All best to you,

Brandon Brown, and the Nonsite Collective


Getting and Offering Rides

To get a ride to the Presidio site or to offer a seat in your vehicle
to someone seeking a ride, please send an email to:

Please specify whether you want to pick up/be picked up at the
MacArthur BART station or at the Civic Center BART station.
Ride-givers: Please give details about the look of your vehicle so
that ride-seekers matched with you can find you.

Rideshares for the east bay will be coordinated by David Brazil; he
will contact you by Saturday, Aug. 25th.

Rides from the east bay will meet at 1pm sharp!

Rideshares for SF will be coordinated by Taylor Brady; he will contact
you by Saturday, Aug. 25th.

Rides from SF will meet at 1:30pm sharp!

Driving Directions for Rideshares

From the Civic Center BART station

The Civic Center BART is located at about Hyde St./bet. 7th and 8th
streets on Market St. in SF.

Rides and riders can meet up at the following parking lot:

(Exit BART through the Hyde St. exit, walk up Hyde Street.) One block
up from Market, you'll see the parking lot to your left. The parking
lot is in between Hyde (east) and Larkin Streets (west), and bounded
by Fulton to the South and McAllister to the North. There is a statue
glorifying the Spanish conquistadors in the middle of it.

From the parking lot to the Presidio site:
Take McAllister to Franklin, turn Left.
Take Franklin to California, turn Left.
Take California to Arguello, turn Right.
Take Arguello to the Arguello entrance of the Presidio.
Enter the Presidio, drive about 1/3 mile to Washington Blvd. and veer
Left onto Washington.
Take Washington about 2 miles to Lincoln Blvd. (There is a small
interface with Kobbe Ave to get onto Lincoln, which is to your Left;
follow the signs to Lincoln Blvd.)
Take Lincoln about 1/3 mile until you are parallel with Ralston Ave.
There are various parking lots here marked with signs and all are less
than ¼ mile to the Battery Marcus Miller.

From the MacArthur BART station:
Take Telegraph to Grand, turn Right.
Take Grand to 880/80 towards the Bay Bridge.
Exit 80 at the Civic Center exit, veering Right, but getting ready to
make a soft Left onto Harrison, for about ½ block.
Get into Righthand lanes to turn R on 9th St.
On 9th St., get into Lefthand lane.
Cross Mission, then Market. As you cross Market, you'll be making a
soft Left onto Hayes.
Take Hayes to Franklin, turn Right.
Follow directions above from Franklin.