Wednesday, August 02, 2006

8/20 New Yipes: Hospodar/Staiti w. films by Enid

at 21 GRAND
416 Twenty-fifth Street
(corner Broadway)
Oakland, California
August 20 | 7 pm | $4 sugg.

YURI HOSPODAR was born in southeast Pennsylvania. He fled as
early as he could to Boston, and continued fleeing to such places
as San Luis Obispo County (gods' country), San Francisco, Prague,
back to SF, back to Boston, and then to San Francisco yet again.
Australia is quite possibly next on the list as his partner is a MARSUPIAL.
His writing has been published in a small book entitled "To You In Your
Closets" (ca. 1990), as well as some delightful anthologies and a magazine
here and there, and has not been published in many, many other places.

ERIKA STAITI grew up on Long Island and then spent four years in
Binghamton NY. Then she drove to the Pacific Northwest to work and
live somewhere nice. Last year she moved to Oakland to do MFA things
at Mills College. When she visits New York she likes to advocate for the
Bay Area. Someday she may go back or maybe she'll just stay here.

SARAH ENID's are in heavy rotation at the Edinburgh Film Castle
(, with recent showings at
SF Cinematheque and the Silver Lake Film Festival.


Sept. 17: Ugly Duckling presents ELIZABETH REDDIN and STAN APPS


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