Thursday, May 05, 2005

we are beginning here

slowly but surely. once this blog is up & running I hope to post all flyers, event/book release announcements, reader excerpts, bios, photos etc.. it's all very exciting. one may say in the midst of the proliferation of these blogs that I am a bandwagon jumper, a hanger on(er). oh well, it's probably true. let's just hope that this blogging stuff is easier that creating new website pages. we'll see. in any case, I will post our flyers from past readings. All were designed by melissa benham (me) with images stolen from various places.

what else? we've been mentioned in an article in Poets & Writers magazine entitled, Filling the Best Seats in the House, by Anna Mantzaris.

our next reading will be saturday, may 21 at 2921B Folsom St. SF 94110. more info to come on that...bios & excerpts as promised.

any questions, desires to share, etc. email us at

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