Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Drunk Sheep Cabaret : July 17 : 21 Grand

The New Brutalism Presents: the Drunk Sheep Cabaret

Dont miss a night of Sheepish Debauchery!

Sunday, July 17th at 7pm. $4

at 21 Grand
416 25th St. at Broadway
behind Gods Gym

Free spiked punch if you come wearing a sheepsuit.

Hosted by the inimitable Mr. Brent Cunningham

Featuring poetry, dance, music, pastorals and playlets

-Dana Teen Lomax & John Mello
Even Toed Ungulata

-Stephanie Young, Rodney Koeneke, Kelly Holt, Cynthia
Sailers, Tanya Brolaski and others in "I Pity the Fool
(Who'd Undertake Such a Project)"

-Honeydew (here known as Honeyed Ewe)

-Eleanor Bayne-Johnson
Lamblet: the Drunken Dane

-Edgar Garcia, the amorous Swain (and his Lady)

-Geoff Dyer and Sweet William

and more

I shall be the one to judge between sheep and sheep.
Ezekiel 34.22

They sacrifice sheep together, while they are
themselves covered with
Ioannes Lydus, De Mensibus

Volunteers needed! Please contact

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Richard DHU said...

I am old friend of DT Lomax from St Francis Elementary school in Yuma AZ and I am hoping she will see that I am trying to contact her. Teen, Email me at

BTW--I've found some of your works online and I really dig it! Write to me please ---Yer old pal, Richard Dhu---