Friday, August 19, 2005

TOMORROW!!! ARTIFACT: 8 : 20 : 05

artifact nove

brandon brown
lauren shufran
alli warren

saturday, august 20th 7:30pm (we mean it slackers)

2921b folsom street (at 25th street)

415 647 7689


Brandon Brown is a poet and translator from Kansas City,

Missouri. He is the author of Kidnapped, an unpublished work

which deals with translation, abduction, love, sex, and Marx.

His previous book, E PODES, was a faulty translation of the

Latin poet Horace which dealt with translation, meter, terrorism,

love, and lunch. With Jocelyn Saidenberg, he co-curates

Performance Writing at New Langton Arts.

Lauren Shufran received her B.A. in Buffalo, New York where she

helped found House Press and the Saucebox forum for women writers.

Her previous, and now very old, chapbooks are 'Day is a Flatland'

and 'A Study of Distance,' both out of House Press, as well as a c.d.,

‘Sound Bytes,’ co-recorded with Sandra Guerreiro. She's currently

at San Francisco State for her M.F.A., and also studying and

sometimes very slowly translating Arabic poetry.

Alli Warren is nordic champion in pace twin competition. She

is a pagan jack certified quality auditor under the auspices of

the american society of quality control and has expertise in the

development of quality. She is so excited she jumps right out of

bed as 3 year olds do at 4. Despite her plans to open an auto

dealership, Alli mostly just publishes "poems" in Magazine Cypress,

The Hat, Shampoo, etc. All in all, Alli is the architect of a rowdy and

iridescent system of astrology that has produced Schema ('04), Yoke

('04), and HOUNDS ('05).


Sean Mac said...

It looks like a rave poster! Artifact goes clubbing - vitamins, smart drinks, Marlowe's leather pants... its all coming home to roost. This looks like a great reading, BYOE.

(or X, if Brit)

JWG said...

I want audio!

B.A.Rak said...

Kyle. that is hilarious! I never knew anyone esle noticed the esteemed leather pants of Marlowe. Brilliant.

artifact reading series said...

o yes it wasn't a "party" without them.