Monday, January 09, 2006

Ellipsis Magazine editors speak to you from your radio or computer 1/9/06 10pm

On the radio tonight...

Mr. Jesse Morse and Mr. Richard Froude will be representing the literary magazine, Ellipsis on the radio this Monday 9th January, 10pm PST.

There will also be call ins from the great Jackie Motzer and the terrific Tara Blaine.

Poetry, prose, discussion, and maybe one or two laughs too.

If you live in Portland, you can listen to it on KBOO 90.7 FM

If you don't live in Portland you can listen online at:

Ellipis Magazine's premiere issue is just out, featuring an interview with Artifact's Melissa Benham, as well as writing by Anne Waldman, Laird Hunt, Daniel Wallace, Tom Clark, and others. Ellipsis … Literary Serials and Narrative Culture is a monthly magazine dedicated to the reprise of a classic narrative practice. Our goal is to reintroduce the literary serial to the landscape of popular interest. Each issue features serials written by an array of today’s most intriguing authors, as well as interviews and articles highlighting writers from other media. Ellipsis provides literature from every corner of the culture in portions that are digestible but leave the reader hungry for more.

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