Friday, September 01, 2006

Fundraising & our calendar for 2006

Dear Friends,

Hope you’re all well! We’re excited to announce that Artifact’s readings in the months of September-November will be dedicated towards raising funds for our 2007 program. As you may know, we’ve recently begun collecting a small donation, which we’ve split between the readers and our direct expenses (snacks, cocktails, chairs, etc.). For the next three months, our generous readers have donated their shares of “the hat” towards our first step of procuring and writing grants to support our future projects. We are hoping to raise $1000 with these readings in order to work with Nancy Quinn Associates, a wonderful organization that will help us throughout the grant-writing process and planning our budget.

Artifact has been expanding since its inception as a reading series in 2004, with a small press and a public writing program in the past year. In order to pay our fabulous readers, produce four chapbooks in 2007, and fund an exhibition of our pilot public writing project (which you can read about here: ) we need to raise about $10,000. In addition to investing in grants support, we look to you our community to help support the growth of Artifact.

In the months of September, October and November we will feature the readers, artwork by local artist/writers, books to buy, as well as snacks, wine, and cocktails. We will be asking a 5$ donation towards our cause, however, no one will be turned away for a lack of funds.

Please arrive at the reading by 8PM. Due to recent serious overcrowding being a dangerous fire hazard, we ask that no one arrive after 8PM. We’d rather not begin limiting our audience to 50 & locking the door!

Here’s the calendar for the next three months…

Sept 16: Garrett Caples, Andrew Joron, and Justin Sirois w/artwork by Renee Evans!

Oct 7: Bhanu Kapil, Bill Luoma, and Elizabeth Treadwell w/artwork by David Larsen

Nov 18: Amanda Davidson, Rodney Koeneke, and Stephen Vincent (artist TBA)

Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the next reading!

If you are interested in donating additional funds to Artifact, you can do so online through our fiscal sponsor Intersection for the Arts @ and entering “Artifact” in the FSP donors only field. Please note that these donations will be tax-deductible!

Thanks again for your help and support!


Chana & Melissa

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