Monday, October 16, 2006

Bellamy & Mosher @ SF Camerawork 10/21

An evening of text and image perfomance by
Dodie Bellamy and Donal Mosher

October 21
7:00 p.m.
SF Camerawork
657 Mission Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
415-512-2020 ext: 105

Dodie Bellamy will present "Digging Through Kathy Acker's Stuff"

Kathy Acker, the novelist and theorist, died from breast cancer in
1998. Her papers are at Duke, but her clothes and accessories remain
in the possession of her executor, Matias Viegener. Last February
while visiting Viegener in Los Angeles, author Dodie Bellamy rummaged
through Acker's extravagant designer wardrobe and wheedled one of her
Gautier dresses, and a couple pieces of jewelry from him. Possessing
such intimate effects of a woman she was in awe of, Bellamy felt
compelled to write about it. "In Digging Through Kathy Acker's
Stuff," Bellamy meditates upon relics, ghosts, compulsive shopping,
archives, make-up, our drive to mythologize the dead, Acker's own
self-mythologizing, the struggle among followers to define Acker,
bitch fights, and the numina of DNA. Accompanying her reading will
be images of Acker's clothes.

Donal Mosher will present "October Country"

Donal Mosher's October Country is part of an ongoing record of
Upstate New York. Shot each Halloween, this record now covers six
years and three generations. This latest work is based on the ghost
hunting notebooks kept by Denise Brown, Mosher's aunt, as part of her
paranormal investigations. Though Donal's idea of the ghostly
incorporates the living as well as the dead, these images were shot
according to his aunt's rules for spirit photography. Many of these
shotswere taken with a disposable camera during and official
investigation of the Middleville cemetery.

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