Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Yipes: 9/16 : Meng : Berrigan : Goodman

7 pm
Sept. 16
at 21 GRAND
416 Twenty-Fifth Street
Oakland, California

5 dollars

CATHERINE MENG was born in New Jersey & raised in Massachusetts.
She spent time in New Mexico, Montana, and cooking school before moving
to the Bay Area in 2000. She lives in a shack and works at a restaurant.
Her first collection of poems, Tonight's the Night, was published in
March 2007 by Apostrophe Books.

ANSELM BERRIGAN's books of poems include Some Notes on My
Programming, Zero Star Hotel, and Integrity & Dramatic Life, all published by
Edge Books. From 2003 to 2007 he was the Artistic Director of the Poetry
Project at St. Mark's Church-in -the-Bowery. He's working on writing a
couple hundred poems all called "Have A Good One," and is a little
more than halfway there.

CRAIG GOODMAN lives in San Francisco, where he has made videos
based on popular genres such as commercials, music videos, and
made-for-TV movies. He was also a member of the sit-down keyboard
ensemble "The Helen Lundy Trio," with Karla Milosevich and Kota Ezawa.
Craig has also been fortunate to enjoy the work of others by acting as
curator for numerous video screenings, including "Visual Urban Legends,"
"The There There," and "Alone," at New Langton Arts in San Francisco.

* * * *
Oct. 21: Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Dolores Dorantes and video by Katie Edmonds

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