Tuesday, June 14, 2005

note about viewing this page in explorer vs. firefox

firefox good. explorer bad. I use firefox & so microsoft is aethetically punishing me. or maybe it's blogger. who knows. all I know is that when you all are at your office jobs looking at this blog in explorer all the content appears at the bottom of the page. did I mean to do this? no no no. I would not be so silly.

so standby for technical difficulties.


John Sullivan said...

There are a few errors in the code on the page, fixing those might help. Though from looking at them quickly, it probably is just IE's fault, and I don't know if you'll be able to fix them in blogger or not anyway. Looks fine to me, in firefox.

JWG said...

was wondering what was up here. also on Dylan's. So now it is all MY FAULT? That sucks, but what is new.

artifact reading series said...

from blogger:

"Please note that this issue is due to how differentbrowsers render the code in your template."

but they don't fix things & I'm not exactly sure how myself. oh well.

for all who are wondering firefox is a million times faster (I think it's because explorer is busy transmitting info to microsoft about everything you're doing on the web...)


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