Sunday, June 19, 2005

Poll: intimacy vs. publicity

here is a question I put to all of you:

in light of last night's reading, which was a lovely & joyful event, packing close to 60 people inside 2921B to hear Micah, Patrick, & Cedar read their poems, I'm wondering how you all feel about possibly moving ARTIFACT to a public space, perhaps a gallery setting

there are pros & cons here, of course

the pro being that we would have more space for people, chairs for everyone, & no one would have to stand on the porch stairs, peering in through the window

the cons seems one being we might have to charge a nominal fee
another being that there is the possibility of losing the intimate, informal, party-type atmosphere that seems key to our readings (which is something I'm really not interested in doing)

o how I wish it were possible to have remained at the cypress house, but I hear that the boys have cluttered up the living rooms with musical equipment & boxes for days

so let me know what your thoughts are on this subject



artifact reading series said...

another factor: shifting the series to another more public location might engender the idea that ARTIFACT has a certain intentional programmed aesthetic, which in some ways it does or doesn't

is this true? or my own thing?

artifact reading series said...
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JWG said...

I've never been. I want to come. But i want to come to yr house. plant my feet on yr floor. say a few words. insert a comma here and there. Then treat it, this grand event, only when the other readers (oh, all of a sudden i am now a reader. Well, this is my dream, so it is ok) are also done (I will be well behaved), like the gathering of good people it is and have fun that cant be had in public places.

sara* said...

hey meliss and all,
i vote to keep artifact at your house--certain things make it what it is, the red lamp, the "party" atmosphere--i'd rather cram into a little living room and backyard than deal with a gallery full of chairs...this is part of what is special and interesting about the series..
at yr place, the atmosphere is freer and the Phone Booth is merely a block away...i had a great time saturday! love, sara


hey bud.

sorry i missed the reading. would have loved to have been there. it's such a great series.

i think your place rocks. i think the environment you create is unique, and thus makes the series unique. (plus--i don't trust anyone else with ambiance-- ie: candles, music, that melly cackle).

keep up the good work. can't wait to see you in LA!!!!

"i'm just jenny from the block, used to have a little, now i have alot"

peace. dacheux out.

chris stroffolino said...

I VOTE A RESOUNDING "NO"! on the public space----
There's a line in one of Cedar's that your underscored in your introduction "When did poets become so serious/and never fun anymore?"----

And one thing that needs to be said about last night's event was that a spirit of FUN pervaded (not "unserious" mind you!)

and yes part of it was the combination of people but part of it was probably the environment.

I've seen too many good attempts at a youthful groundswell go sour in the name of legitimacy and bigger venues and all that---

If people want the bigger less intimate space, they get SPT or the unitarian church etc....

-chris stroffolino

k said...

is it possible to find another aprtment - maybe a kind of 1/2 way
place, one of those "we live here but we rent this room out" type
that could work.

otherwise its pick / choose time.

my pick: small.

(easier cuz its not mine, but large makes sense too)