Monday, December 12, 2005

Sunday, December 18 New Yipes

New Yipes
Sunday, December 18
Readings and Films 7-9pm, $4
416 25th St.
Oakland, CA 94612
Rachel Levitsky is the founder and curator of the Belladona reading series at New York’s Bluestockings Bookstore and Belladonna small press, that promotes the work of women writers who are adventurous, experimental, politically involved, multi-form, multicultural, multi-gendered, impossible to define, delicious to talk about, unpredictable, and dangerous with language. Bill Luoma, in his 1998 book, “Works and Days,” writes like an anchorman, not so much an "insider" as a glider on the minimalist way of expressing being alive in groups with a purpose (the team). Once the purpose has been established, a tighter focus begins to take over, the love of women, or narrating Douglas, Bill's friend. Not since Bob Gluck and Bruce Boone's camraderie in the 70s have there been such a literary buddy's movie as this. It's sketchy, and knowing and gleeful. Local filmmaker, David Enos, screens several short experimental films.

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