Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Digital Artifact : Call for Submissions : April 30th

Call for Submissions
**Deadline April 30th**

Digital Artifact, a new, online journal created in conjunction with the Artifact Reading Series and Press, seeks work that interrogates the role of narrative in contemporary culture. We're specifically interested in how the internet, digital culture, global and non-Western literature, pop culture, eroticism, documentary, philosophy, politics and war are creating hybrid texts and new forms of narrative and literature.

The first issue of the journal will be dedicated to examining Narrative and Global Digital Culture. What is the impact of the internet and global culture on language and conceptions of narrative? We invite creative responses that explore this question, whether through fiction, criticism, experimental prose, or web-based audio-visual work.

A series of salons focusing on related topics will be held in conjunction with production of the web journal. To find out more about participating in the salons, email digitalartifact@gmail.com . Find out more about Artifact online at artifactsf.org.

We look forward to reading your work!
Chana Morgenstern, Amanda Davidson and the Editorial Team


We accept e-mail submissions only. Send submissions to digitalartifact@gmail.com by April 30th. In the subject heading, include your last name and the word "submission." Do not send previously published work, and let us know immediately if the work has been accepted elsewhere. One submission per person, please. Include a brief (50-100 word) bio with your work. We will get back to you within three months.

**We accept text pieces up to 2,000 words in length. Please paste your work as plain text directly into the e-mail. You may also send a text document as an attachment in addition to pasting the content, if formatting is important to the piece.

**For images, we accept visual files in pdf, jpeg, and gif format. Please send a low-res (72 dpi) version for submission review.

**For sound, send mp3 files, zipped if possible, at a length of 5 minutes or less.

**For video footage, email QuickTime files, compressed for web, again in the vicinity of 5 minutes or less. If we have difficulty looking at your video due to compatibility issues, we will email you with information about uploading your submission to the Digital Artifact YouTube account.

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