Friday, April 20, 2007

Sunday, 4.22 : New Yipes w/SPT: Boyer & Moor with video by McGuire

New Yipes & SPT present

Seven pm Sunday
April Twenty-Second
at 21 GRAND
416 Twenty-Fifth Street
Oakland, California
$4 would be great

ANNE BOYER is a poet, painter, fashion model, neurophysician, elevator repairwoman, ghostbuster, and empress operating out of various enclaves, conclaves, and clavier warehousesin the midwest. Her chapbook Anne Boyer's Good Apocalypse was published by Effing Press in 2006, and her book The Romance of Happy Workers is forthcoming from Coffee House Pressin 2008. She is also the creator of the art project Odalisqued ( where the remains of her visual/textual collage work as well as assorted dream visions and geopolitical prophecies can be found.

"WILLIAM MOOR is the true and undeniable author of many another man's authorships. Usingmodern technology devices such as email, WILLIAM MOOR assumes an identity, the grotesquefictionality of which is only equivocated by his real appearance. To see him in person is to seehis mediocre stunt double, for in fact I, Stan Apps, am the real WILLIAM MOOR and author of all his poems. Only his numerous plagiarisms continue to inspire doubt: surely Stan Apps is notthe elected representative of the people of Arizona? All that and more: WILLIAM MORE! I thank him for participating in this great fa├žade and self-promotional scheme." --Stan Apps

ANNE McGUIRE's feature-length films include "Strain Andromeda, The" (1993) and "Adventure Poseidon, The" (2006), which played last month at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art. Her non-kinetic visual work is on view in the show "To Here Knows When" at Soap Gallery (1142 Howard between 7th & 8th Streets, San Francisco) through May 12.

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