Monday, March 06, 2006

Review books for SPT's Traffic #2

From SPT:

Dear folks, We are seeking writers for the Reviews section of the second issue of our new magazine, Traffic. Payment is in author copies. Deadline is May 1. A list of the books we are interested in having reviewed follows. If you are interested, please write to me at For some info on Traffic # 1, please see feel welcome to pass this along. Thank you, Elizabeth

Margaret Christakos Sooner (Coach House)
Bernadette Mayer Scarlet Tanager (New Directions)
David Larsen The Thorn (Faux Press)
Brandon Downing Dark Brandon (Faux Press)
Chris Tysh Cleavage (Roof)
Renee Gladman A Picture Feeling (Roof)
Andrea Baker like wind loves a window (Slope Editions)
Heather Fuller Startle Response (O Books)
Aaron Shurin Involuntary Lyrics (Omnidawn)
Joanna Fuhrman Moraine (Hanging Loose)
Carol Mirakove Mediated (Factory School)
set of Belladonna chapbooks by various authors, including Lisa Robertson, Lyn Hejinian, Susan Howe
George Albon Step (Post-Apollo)
Dana Teen Lomax Currency (Palm Press)
Lisa Robertson 2006 book
Noelle Kocot 2006 book
Todd Colby Tremble & Shine (Soft Skull)
Goldman & Scalapino eds War & Peace 2 (O Books)
Lisa Samuels Paradise for Everyone (Shearsman)
Etel Adnan In the Heart of the Heart of Another Country (City Lights)
Eleni Sikelianos The Book of Jon (City Lights)
Linh Dinh American Tatts (Chax)
Michael Coffey CYMK (O Books)
Laura Elrick Fantasies in Permeable Structures (Factory School)
Aaron Kunin Folding Ruling Star (Fence Books)
Ing Rish by John Yau
Petroleum Hat, Drew Gardner
The Best of My Love, Aaron Kiely
This Connection of Everyone With Lungs, Juliana Spahr
Jules Boykoff (Edge Books) [taken]
Heid Erdrich The Mother's Tongue (Salt) [taken]
Beth Murray The Night's Night (Noemi) [taken]
Aase Berg. Remainland
Arielle Greenberg. My Kafka Century
Shanxing Wang. Mad Science in Imperial City

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